Greetings Listener and welcome to the internet home of the artist formerly known as Paul Quinn.


Now, due to the inconsistent nature of accounting practices employed within certain areas of the   modern day music industry, Quinn has been advised to upgrade his name status in an attempt to disassociate and differentiate himself from the hordes of other Paul Quinn's roaming loose in the world with the shared misfortune of being saddled with the same  brand as himself.


So, if it's a college in Texas, a soccer player, a metal guitarist, an actor,  drummer,  director or any number of singers of questionable character and  repute that you seek, well, I'm afraid you've arrived at the wrong station and would be well advised to move along.


But if, on the other hand it's the Irish singer/songwriter and producer paull quinn that you're looking for, then please feel free to punch in your e-mail address and rest assured that we shall endeavour to keep you informed, enlightened, up to speed and in the know with regard to any updates, upgrades or exciting future developments, if and when they happen.

So, until then.................

                                                     Thanks for listening.



''One L good,two L's better''

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