Turn off the headlights,

and close your eyes.

We're gonna' take a little short cut,baby,

and leave the road behind.


To the limit,to the edge.

Out on a limb,up on the ledge.

Straight from the hip,up to the hilt.

Head,neck and heels in it,full tilt.

Turn on the music,

turn it up too loud.

Put on your red dress,

do the twist and shout.

paullquinn.com,singer,songwriter,Ireland,paul quinn

Gimme some of that,

Lo-fi,hardcore,dancehall and disco,

west coast,new wave,Britpop and techno.

Boogie-woogie,R&B,bossa nova,hip-hop,

rag-time,carribean,freestyle and doo-wop.

Soul,jazz,psychedelic,rock n' roll,honky-tonk,

punk,blues,mambo,bubblegum and hard rock.

Electro,big beat,funk,house,indie,

2 tone,bluegrass,heavy metal,rockabilly.


[Lyrics & music : Quinn]

[speechifying : Jimmie Snow]

''One L good,two L's better''

© 2016 paul quinn.